Landscape and AI

Been working on incorporating vehicle mechanics and an NPC AI system. To give some room for driving and interactive NPCs of different sorts, I’ve started to revamp both the landscape and how it’s handled in Unity.

n_techdemo_wip15 techdemo_wip16 techdemo_wip17 techdemo_wip18 techdemo_wip19 techdemo_wip20 techdemo_wip21 techdemo_wip22 techdemo_wip23 techdemo_wip24 techdemo_wip25 techdemo_wip26 techdemo_wip27 techdemo_wip28 techdemo_wip29 techdemo_wip30 techdemo_wip31All the asset credits are the same as the last post… Just working on terrain.

Asset credits in no particular order:

  • Rakshi Games
  • Profi Developers
  • Alex McDonnell
  • Pixel Crushers
  • Game-Ready
  • Integrity Software & Games
  • Unity Technologies
  • Frederick Larsson
  • RRFreelance
  • CGPitbull
  • Jacek Jankowski
  • 3DMondra
  • Opsive
  • Pxltiger
  • Maksim Bugrimov

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