Landscape and Inventory Pro

Work on the new landscape keeps going and UFPS surface identifiers have been successfully assigned to most objects so that surfaces respond properly to footsteps and gunshots. Alongside that, a heavier emphasis has been put on inventory lately. Though there was already a pretty solid inventory system (based on UFPS) working in the background, there was no way for the player to interact with it at this point. In comes Inventory Pro, which will hopefully work seamlessly with UFPS as well as the stat system. So far the integration has worked pretty well, though not quite perfectly… While I’m still trying to work out the kinks, I wanted to post some progress shots anyway.

p_techdemo_wip32 techdemo_wip33 techdemo_wip34 techdemo_wip35 techdemo_wip36 techdemo_wip37 techdemo_wip38 techdemo_wip39 techdemo_wip40 techdemo_wip41 techdemo_wip42 techdemo_wip43 techdemo_wip44 techdemo_wip47techdemo_wip48 techdemo_wip49 techdemo_wip50 techdemo_wip51 techdemo_wip52 techdemo_wip53 techdemo_wip54 techdemo_wip55 techdemo_wip56

Asset credits in no particular order:

  • SpeedTree
  • Integrity Software & Games
  • Devdog
  • Squared55
  • Unity Technologies
  • ICE
  • Alex McDonnell
  • 3DMondra
  • Fredrick Larsson
  • CGPitbull
  • Pixel Crushers
  • Maksim Bugrimov
  • Profi Developers
  • Opsive

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