Random Work Continues

It’s been a while, but work continues. Been mostly working on the landscape, while other systems get updated to Unity 5.5. I’ve been saving WIP pictures the whole time, so I will let them speak for themselves. It’s not much, but now that things are starting to get their 5.5 updates more concrete work can continue!

Shout out to L3DT by BundySoft, a GREAT landscape software. Truly worth the price for the Pro version!
Took me a while to realize that GIMP caps out at 8-bit, so when I was opening and re-saving heightmaps in it they would turn into this… thankfully there was a solution via Blender.
…Which turns out like this! Much better.
Thanks to sambler on StackOverflow for this script. With a few modifications I was able to render out the full heightmap in more bits than GIMP allows, pre-sliced into chunks. Way to remove a major bottleneck.. Thanks sambler!!
Much less Minecraft-y

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