Relief Terrain Pack v3.3

RTP for short in the Asset Store, this wonderful shader asset utilizes all the bells and whistles that come with DirectX11. In particular, the part that should make the most difference right away is the implementation of Parallax Occlusion Mapping and Blending. Before, adjacent textures on the landscape mesh were just being evenly blended into each other, giving everything an unrealistic fade effect in sections where things like sand and rocks meet. Parallax mapping simulates different heights on the features within a texture (such as individual stones on a gravel texture) so that other textures can be blended into it much more realistically with reference to those heights. The effect should be pretty clear in this shot:


For reference, this is the same scene from the original Tech Demo and what it looks like now:

Original Tech Demo screenshot.
Same scene remade with GAIA and RTP.

To drive that point home one more time… The sand and rock textures are exactly the same, just being rendered with the default Unity shader versus RTP:

Unrealistic softly blended textures…
Fancy parallax textures!

I know I’m just scratching the surface of these new features and they can look significantly better with some minor adjustments. Just wanted to illustrate how much of a difference this makes!

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