A great example of how the Unity Asset Store helps this project. UFPS is a framework for first-person shooter games that we decided to use right away as a basis for our game. Modifying this code package allows us to skip the arduous process of recreating what everyone already expects from our genre/setting and let’s us simply modify what is already there. Combined with models from the Asset Store, we can quickly stitch together a working demo and focus on the parts that make our game unique rather than reinvent the wheel. Click here to check out a video of our initial asset test!

ozymandias1_6coverAsset credits in no particular order:

  • ProfiDevelopers
  • Opsive
  • Maksim Bugrimov
  • Tobyfredson
  • Pxltiger
  • Conor Lang
  • Integrity Software & Games
  • Unity Technologies

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