Working Towards Pre-Alpha #1

These are work-in-progress screenshots of what led up to the first Pre-Alpha tech demo. While the setting may be similar in some ways to what we have in mind for the final game, don’t read too much into it. The purpose of this and all future pre-alphas is to iron out all the gameplay systems and how they will interact with each other, as well as to have an idea of how things are running on various hardware setups. Here is a link to the related video from when this was originally posted.


Setting up UV coordinates so textures tile correctly.

demo02ozymandias1_7cover demo03 demo04 demo05 demo07 demo08 demo09 demo10 demo11 demo12 demo13 demo15 demo16 demo17 techdemo_wip13 techdemo_wip14

demo06That last screen shows orthographic projection of the same scene just for fun, to make it look like the original isometric RPG idea. Check out a short clip here.

Asset credits in no particular order:

  • Rakshi Games
  • Profi Developers
  • Alex McDonnell
  • Pixel Crushers
  • Game-Ready
  • Integrity Software & Games
  • Unity Technologies
  • Frederick Larsson
  • RRFreelance
  • CGPitbull
  • Jacek Jankowski
  • 3DMondra
  • Opsive
  • Pxltiger
  • Maksim Bugrimov

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